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The Floriography Jacket


The Floriography jacket is a limited edition of ten pieces, made to order, and is available in both the men’s 1001 and women’s 2001 zip jackets, in navy and black. Each purchase of the Floriography Jacket comes with a copy of the artist Karen Azoulay's publication ‘Flowers and Their Meanings, a guide for deciphering.’ A functional flower dictionary, it is searchable by flower as well as by sentiment

Once your order is placed we will contact you to get your color, size and gender preference. 

Made in New York

Dry Clean Only


Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, is a form of communication that was popular in Victorian times. Botanical species were assigned sentimental meanings that were collected in exhaustive dictionaries, the bloom’s symbolism from the sweet (Ivy Geranium conveying the gallant request “Your hand for the next dance?”) to the melodramatic (Vibernum declaring “I die if neglected”) and even combative (a dried white rose indicating “death before dishonor”). A thoughtfully curated bouquet could deliver a layered poetic memo, which the recipient would be required to decipher.

Using the antiquated lexicon of Floriography as a point of departure, Azoulay has created a series of gestural bouquets. Recognizable hand gestures are arranged with carefully chosen blooms, such as cosmos “peaceful” which have been paired with the iconic hippie salute.

Patches on jackets have always been a method of declaration. Whether it is communicating political affiliation, musical tastes or a general life philosophy, the youth culture tradition of sewing on embroidered symbols has a clear affinity with the flower code. Both systems obsessively use decorative elements to send messages to those in the know. 


A guide to the patches

THUMBS UP/ Golden Rod/ encouragement

I LOVE YOU/ Stock/ bonds of affection & Myrtle/ love

#1/ Amaryllis/ pride

A – OK/ Deep Pink Rose/ appreciation

PEACE/ Cosmos/ peaceful



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