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The Aloe Sweatshirt


Unisex, 80% cotton 20% polyester, Made in Canada

This classic crew neck sweatshirt in 16oz cotton fleece comes with three embroidered patches with velcro backing. They can be rearranged into various configurations- one, two, all three at once, or none at all.

A follow up to ‘The Floriography Jacket’, ‘The Aloe Sweatshirt’ marks the second collaboration between M-82 and artist Karen Azoulay. A graphic black, soft loop velcro circle stitched over the chest suggests a place holder for a badge of personal affiliation or a team uniform. Azoulay’s photographs of ephemeral compositions have once again been translated into embroidered patches. 

A continuation of her exploration in plant symbolism, she has layered potent botanical imagery containing both symbolic and medicinal significance. The aloe plant has long been used as a healing salve and edible remedy. A paste made from the Egyptian Privet plant, henna has long been ritualistically applied to the body as an adornment meant to evoke soothing powers of protection. Azoulay has merged the two by decorating stalks of aloe vera with henna. These visual poems have been designed using ancient North African geometries that convey messages of protection and positivity. Interestingly, these healing plants are listed in Victorian flower dictionaries alongside contrary sentiments (aloe- grief & privet- prohibition). A heavily coded object, these embroideries can be read as talismanic ornaments projecting safety, healing and positivity despite times of sorrow.

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